Invest Your Spare Change
A new platform to easily invest in a
diversified portfolio of cryptocurrencies.


Client Profile

Skraps has designed a platform which enables users to invest with each transaction they make. Skraps is a micro-investing platform where users can invest in a portfolio of their choice based on their risk appetite. They can round off their transactions to the nearest dollar value and invest the spare change in cryptocurrency portfolios.


Skraps targets young people from all over the world that are interested in investing in their futures with Cryptocurrency. The platform, which was created for Web, iOS, and Android had to be user-friendly and easy to use for the variety of users they attract.


Development Process

Skraps has BIG goals, and to ensure success Volume Apps had to plan where to launch first and how to scale. Utilizing Social and market intelligence allowed us to approach the development timeline with reverse engineering. The most time-sensitive and cost-efficient development timeline was created to get Skraps up and keep it growing.


The Skraps Platform offers a number of unique features.

  • Cryptocurrency Variety
  • Copy Portfolios
  • Education Portal
  • Connect Your Wallets
  • Invest Your Skraps

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